5 March 2010

Lagos Disco Inferno: Release March 16!

DJ Soulpusher has been keeping a blog of his record digging missions in Africa since 2005 (voodoofunk.blogspot.com). He tells the incredible stories behind his missions complete with pictures, scans of the funkiest cover art on the planet and, most amazingly of all, streaming MP3 mixes of his tastiest finds. Voodoofunk is like a window into a forgotten era in a far away land. Personally, I am hooked on his mixes and have become a total African funk junkie thanks to his unique education. On March 16, he and Academy LPs will be releasing LAGOS DISCO INFERNO, the first compilation of rare, Nigerian Disco to be released outside of Africa (on both vinyl and CD!). I already tried begging for a pre-order, and I suggest you do the same!