31 May 2011

Doomlike: A pop up book by UG

"Doomlike" is a French pop up book which was published by CBO Éditions in 2001 as an edition of 100. It was made by UG, otherwise known as Philippe Huger.

Philippe Huger © Chez les libraires associés, 2010

I couldn't resist buying it in 2003(ish) when the fluorescent colors of the cover screamed at me from under a dusty table in a Paris book shop. The only clue I had as to who made it was that it was signed "No. 67/100 UG 2001".

I fell in love with it as soon as I opened it. It was like seeing an 8 bit Nintendo game on an old TV through a microscope. The overprinted fluorescent inks of this book create an effect of glowing pixels, with an astonishing variety of color produced from what I think is only 4 inks (fluorescent yellow, fluorescent pink, cyan and black). Every possible surface is screen printed, including the fully wrapped hard cover.

This book is pure fun and style. Let me read it to you in the video below. For more of UG's incredible books and other work, visit his website: http://www.philippe-ug.fr