26 September 2011

Sled Book Exchange

When I was visiting my parents' home last Christmas, it was nice to see the new generation of neighborhood kids sledding on the same hill we used to. I gave out some copies of the Ladybug book, and the most amazing thing happened.

After I left, a couple of the kids made me a book of their own as a thank you. Their mother wrote this story about them delivering it:

"There was much discussion as Layla and Scarlett headed out the door with the book in hand.  'I'm shy to speak,' said Layla, to which Scooch replied, 'Oh, I'm not...You carry the book and I'll speak.'  As it turned out, I guess they just left the book on the porch.  As you can see, it was never finished."

So... in this video, I help finish it for them.

 Music by Eric Biondo.