30 March 2012

Yes, Man! (FULL FILM)

Well, the wait is over. The preview audiences for this film were left in tears, as was I, and now it is my pleasure to share it with everyone. A million thank yous to everyone who helped make this possible, and Dorota and I are already overwhelmed by the love and support we have received for our upcoming return to the center.

"Yes, Man!" is the story of the legendary London breaker Pervez (Live 2 Break) traveling to Rwanda to share hope, life and hip hop culture at a center for former street children. I made this film for Catalyst Rwanda, and Beyondo wrote and recorded the soundtrack. All the music can be downloaded here.

My wife was so inspired by the stories of my trip that she convinced me to return with her to teach English, help manage the center and continue breaking with the boys. Our journey begins on 9 April 2012, and we are staying through 19 August (follow our blog: B, D and the Boys). While we are there, we have the ability to contribute directly to the needs of the children at the center. If you would like to help, you can donate directly to us via the paypal "Donate" button below.