17 November 2012

The Sketches That Give

This post is a continuation from the Iz the Wiz vest post. I was hiding out in Philly with no electricity after Hurricane Sandy's East Coast bitch slap. Before the storm, I had been up in the South Bronx with my old friend Floor Phantom. The trip was too short, but it was enough to get me fully into the bboy spirit. No electricity, no heat, no problem – I was happily training for a jam with my crew Ready to Rock the following weekend. To get into the crew spirit, I pulled the Iz vest back out and got to work sketching a Ready to Rock logo for the front.

The Iz lettering was drawn straight onto the fabric, but since the new RTR lettering would have to be fairly small to fit over the left pocket, I drew an outline on paper first, cut it out, pasted it down on the vest, hit it with some spray paint, peeled it off and then painted in the masked area – done!

Well, actually, not done. The jam was cancelled, because Sandy pretty much wiped out New York. I went back to London feeling a little bummed, but still pumped about my man Serval's birthday jam the following weekend in Geneva. To get hyped for it, I did another crew logo for my other fam, Seven Dollars. My friend Pervez was supposed to come a long, but had to cancel last minute, so I decided to paint his crew's logo as well, since he wouldn't be there to represent himself. Lastly, I added a logo for my little homies at Les Enfants de Dieu. I had been missing them since Dorota and I left back in September.

Luckily, Serval's birthday jam wasn't cancelled. Most of the crew made it, we danced a lot and it was bliss as always. As if a good party wasn't enough, Serval surprised me by organizing some of the artists there to do a tag-team sketch/auction to raise some cash for the boys at E.D.D in Kigali. Here's a short video to show how it went down, and I want to give an extra special thank you to everyone who bought a drawing. We made 300 Swiss Francs!