11 August 2013

Hand Lettering Portfolio Refresh

The other day I was wandering through central London when I came across a used book shop. Unable to resist, I stepped in and started digging through some piles of art books. I came out with a few gems, including an old science fiction illustration book with some Frank Frazetta work. Geek score! Another was a Dover collection of showcard alphabets – mostly hand lettered goodness. My portfolio site was getting a bit stale, so I thought I'd update it with some hand lettered typography of my own. To start, I went through the source book and planned which styles to apply to which words on my site with a rough thumbnail sketch.

Next, I plotted some guidelines with a ruler and did a more refined sketch of the letters, still keeping things loose and fast.

Then, I jumped straight to the scanner. I wanted the final lettering to be slightly irregular and not lose any character, so I didn't bother refining my sketch at all. The only refining happened in Illustrator, when I started drawing the vector lines. A vector trick I still remember from way back in college – always use as few points as possible and rely on your B├ęzier curves.